Shower Eye Mask - An Essential Bathroom Accessory Item Must Have!

$45.00 AUD
Rose Blush
Simplistic White
$45.00 AUD


 Our product offers:

  • Complete protection for your newly fresh lash extensions and tattooed brows or sensitive eyes
  • Material is lightweight and smooth to the touch ensuring a great shower experience every time
  • Anti-fog coating on our lenses so you have clear vision always
  • Commitment to being environmentally friendly with sustainable silicone material
  • They can be worn with or without the straps attached              

With the purchase of our DivaShade Shower Eye Masks, you’re getting inside the gorgeous gift box:

  • Shower Eye Mask
  • Compact travel pouch for the beauty-lover on the go!
  • Care manual/instructions

Practical goggle eye wear, our shower eye mask will offer you protection across a wide circumference of your eye and forehead areas. With our customer-focused design, you can even wear our shower eye mask with or without the strap – both ways can offer complete protection against water.

With the DivaShade shower eye mask, you’ll be able to lengthen the longevity of your beauty treatments and best of all you are investing in yourself.